Alumni, help us be a NETWORK of Committed Followers of Christ who


Our vision here is not to simply serve students during their tenure at App State, but to provide a long-lasting community of connection, conversation, and foundation. We want to serve and encourage each one of you as you follow Christ in whatever context you find yourself. See more of how we strive to do that below!

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Alumni Facebook Group

Join our Alumni Facebook Group to stay up to date on events and what is happening with our ministry. It's also a great way to share what you're learning with other alumni who may be walking through, or have walked through, similar life circumstances. Find the FB group here.

Alumni Meetup

Want to host an alumni meetup? Chances are, if you're in NC, then you have more CCF Alumni near you than you realize. We'd love to help you in the scheduling and planning of an event near you. Let's get together and encourage each other! Email us at

Discussion or Coaching Conversations

Have a dream your chewing on? Making a big transition? Struggling to be the spouse or parent you want to be? John LOVES to have these conversations and help you process your unique situation and make small changes for a huge impact! Schedule a Zoom call here.

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