What is this campus ministry about when it comes to students? The stories below are some testimonies from current students and how CCF is helping them through the walk in faith.

Morgan G.

CCF has been more than a weekly ritual, it has been my family since freshman year. I have been blessed to be welcomed into such an eclectic group of brothers and sisters in Christ. I truly cherish each Tuesday night at Immersion, each Core Group, and everything in between. I am thankful that God has enriched my life with CCF!

Sierra P.

I am one of the loudest quiet people you will ever meet. I have a lot to say, but it often takes me a long time be comfortable enough in a public setting to say it. I first joined CCF my freshman year due to the relentless recruiting of a girl who lived on my hall and, admittedly, I went into it determined to hate it (if only because it required me to meet new people). I started out by showing up sporadically to Tuesday night meetings and I never initiated conversation with anyone. Slowly but surely my attendance became more regular as I was drawn in by the weekly messages. Without me meaning to let them, the people there started tearing down the walls I had built to isolate myself. Everyone was so friendly and intentional that I couldn’t help but enjoy myself.  Why do I love CCF? Because it’s a community comprised of believers who chose to love me even when I was being unlovable. When I’m with them, it feels safe to be myself. When we worship and fellowship together, I’m home.

Bryce B.

I like the fact that CCF isn’t afraid to get real with the people involved. It is a lot of fun and and we have fun activities, but we also get into the word and really strive for mission work. I’m not just talking about mission trips either – I mean actually making a point to talk to others about the word. This is the mission that Jesus originally gave all of his followers. We’re suppose to go out and try to make disciples of Jesus Christ. CCF does a wonderful job of this and I also have really loved seeing how we reach out to international students and help them feel welcomed and loved while sharing our beliefs with them. I even remember the baptism of one transfer student!

Julie B.

CCF is a family. They are always there for you; holding you accountable, encouraging you, helping you, giving you Godly advice, and loving you. The thing I like most about this family of believers is that, they are very adamant about discipleship. The staff and the older students take time to meet with you to make sure you are doing well and to help you on your walk with God. There are so many good examples of followers of Christ in this group, that it is hard to not grow in your faith. As you are growing and being poured into by others you start to pour into other people, expanding the body of followers, which is what a Christian community is all about.