Hear Our Stories

Welcome to the newest part of the website. Where CCF will share personal stories on how God is impacting their lives. We’ve recorded three students and their experiences as well as their testimonies. Below you will find more testimonies, experiences, and stories from current and past students at ASU.

Morgan G.

CCF has been more than a weekly ritual, it has been my family since freshman year. I have been blessed to be welcomed into such an eclectic group of brothers and sisters in Christ. I truly cherish each Tuesday night at Immersion, each Core Group, and everything in between. I am thankful that God has enriched my life with CCF!

Lizzy R.

For me, Uganda was a leap of faith. Many of us had never been before. All of our normal routines – regarding food, dress, sleep, communication, health, personal hygiene, even time – were removed from us, and we learned to wholly rely upon God. In the village of Odek, we saw the smiling faces of children affected by Nodding Syndrome. Starting with a seizure, this disease affects the mental and motor abilities of its victims, and becomes life-threatening if the children are at risk of falling into water or cooking fires. Hope for Humans has established treatment centers in Uganda to meet the needs of children affected by this disease. We came to share our lives with the children, to teach them about God and our lives in the United States. It opened our eyes to the spiritual poverty in materially wealthy America. If this trip becomes a reality again, I encourage you to go! In the meantime, please keep all of the children affected by Nodding Syndrome in your prayers, as well as their nurses, teachers, parents, volunteers, and researchers who seek a cure. “Yecu mara nino ducu (Jesus loves you every day).”

John Troutman

John Troutman

“I stepped onto the campus of Appalachian State in the fall of 2006 wanting more than anything to walk away from the church and wanting to really “live the college life.” But God planned differently. Fortunately for me (although at the time I did not consider it good fortune) my sister was involved with CCF already at App, therefore encouraging/forcing me to go as well. Of course she didn’t mean it this way, but I knew my mother would be disappointed if I did not attend CCF with my sister, so I went. And there it began. Through the work of older students and the staff of CCF, I began to be discipled into a life giving relationship with Jesus Christ. Although I had grown up in the church, this was the first time my relationship with Christ became real, and I needed people beside me to help guide me through. This help I found at CCF.“As I graduated from CCF at Appalachian, I moved on to do an internship with a campus ministry in Georgia. There I found more college students in need of discipleship. The college years are so vital to the growth of people in general, especially in our culture. The first years a student steps away from their parents, finally making decisions for themselves. I know without CCF being there during this time for me, I would have never become the man of God I am today, and I thank God for the people he has used greatly in my life, such as Jim and Marianna. I chose to support CCF for that reason, because I believe they are vital to a campus in need and I know that they are pursuing students for the purpose of teaching them what a life giving relationship with Jesus is and how it is lived out.”