John Troutman

“I stepped onto the campus of Appalachian State in the fall of 2006 wanting more than anything to walk away from the church and wanting to really “live the college life.”  But God planned differently.  Fortunately for me (although at the time I did not consider it good fortune) my sister was involved with CCF already at App, therefore encouraging/forcing me to go as well.  Of course she didn’t mean it this way, but I knew my mother would be disappointed if I did not attend CCF with my sister, so I went.  And there it began. Through the work of older students and the staff of CCF, I began to be discipled into a life giving relationship with Jesus Christ.  Although I had grown up in the church, this was the first time my relationship with Christ became real, and I needed people beside me to help guide me through.  This help I found at CCF.“As I graduated from CCF at Appalachian, I moved on to do an internship with a campus ministry in Georgia.  There I found more college students in need of discipleship.  The college years are so vital to the growth of people in general, especially in our culture.  The first years a student steps away from their parents, finally making decisions for themselves.  I know without CCF being there during this time for me, I would have never become the man of God I am today, and I thank God for the people he has used greatly in my life, such as Jim and Marianna.  I chose to support CCF for that reason, because I believe they are vital to a campus in need and I know that they are pursuing students for the purpose of teaching them what a life giving relationship with Jesus is and how it is lived out.”

Charlotte Horn

“My husband Andrew and I started attending CCF as sophomores at Appalachian. Speaking personally, CCF was one of the most rewarding and spiritually enriching experiences of my college career. Not only did I meet great friends and my wonderful husband there, but I learned so much about The Lord and myself. Being part of a spiritual community during such an influential time in my life shaped me into a person God could use.

“Andrew and I choose to support CCF financially because we are grateful for how God used CCF to draw us closer to Him. We understand that the contributions of many individuals made it possible for CCF to be available to us, and it brings us joy to get to be a part of making this ministry available to others. Having been in a college student’s shoes, I know what it is like to need the support of a faith community, and it is a huge privilege to be a part of God’s work on campus.”

Kyle Johnson

“I began supporting CCF in a financial way this July, after I recently graduated from Appalachian in May. I actually made this commitment before I graduated, even though the ministry did not know it yet. I didn’t make this commitment out of selfish desires, or even so that I could write it off on my taxes. I made this commitment because CCF gave me an incredible pair of shoes. Not a pair of shoes, in the worldly sense, but a pair of shoes that provided my feet the support they need to continue walking with God after graduating from Appalachian. I will always remember Jim mentioning in one of his talks during Immersion that it is much easier to go on a hike with the right pair of shoes. Yes, you can probably make it there in a pair of flip-flops, but a nice pair of hiking boots will give you much better support on a long journey.

“I say all of this because CCF not only helped me to grow in my faith during college, but they provided me with a foundation to further my growth after graduation. I am positive that God used CCF to draw me closer to him, and I only hope that with my financial support at least one other person will say the same.”

Kyle Jones

“Out of all the times of my life so far, college was the most challenging, rewarding, and transformative. For it was in college that I learned to be an adult, and more importantly I learned to truly walk the walk of a disciple of Jesus. Before college I lived out a Christian faith that wasn’t truly my own, but rather the faith of my family and my home church. That remained the case until I encountered Jesus in a wholly new way through the campus ministry of CCF. CCF helped me to realize that being a Christian meant living and walking in the life of Christ, and not simply going through the Christian motions. CCF helped propel me into leadership as well giving me the first taste for pastoral ministry that I now find myself fully rooted in. In other words, CCF helped me to become the man of faith that I am today.

“The question might be rightly asked, “Why do you support CCF?” The answer to this question is quite simple: I desire others to experience the same transformation that I did in one of the most pivotal times in their lives; and if CCF helped guide me to become a more devout follower of Jesus, I know that it will help countless others.

“Unfortunately, as I know all to well, some of the most amazing organizations survive and thrive by the support they are able to raise. I figured without my support this amazing organization might not be there for the next generation of college students, and that seemed completely unacceptable to me. I knew that I needed to give back to an organization that had given me so much, so it could keep giving to college students who were just like me. Any support helps, and so I encourage all those who can trace the person they are today, whether in a large or small way, to CCF to consider supporting the future impact of this amazing ministry. Thanks!”

Amber Troutman

“When I decided to move from West Virginia to North Carolina for grad school, I did not know anyone in Boone. My closest relative was 2 hours away, and in the beginning weeks, I was anxious and feared not feeling at home. On top of it all, a relationship I was in at the time ended several months after I moved, and I felt especially alone. It was not easy for me to attend the CCF meetings at first, because I believed my quiet nature made it difficult for me to make friends quickly. But from the start, I could see that the beliefs and actions of those in leadership at CCF were genuine and Christ-centered. In time, I felt more and more like a valued member and began to establish friendships. Even after graduating and moving back to West Virginia, I feel my time with CCF is one of the things I will always remember as a positive one. I know that God used my experience at CCF to deepen my faith and relationship with Him – and I hope that by giving back to CCF I can help support and create those same kind of experiences for other students coming to school at Boone. “ Rachel (Westrom) Dahlin (2009)

“I became a CCF supporter shortly after graduating from ASU. There was no doubt in my mind that a portion of my giving needed to go toward funding further outreach on ASU’s campus. At this point, it has now been six years since CCF first reached out to me during my freshman year in the fall of 2007. I realize now, that year was probably the most important one of my life. CCF introduced me to God in a way no one else ever had before. CCF staff and students realized the current brokenness I was in, and decided to join in my life and help me find healing and a relationship with God. Now it is the fall of 2013 and I am still standing on the foundation CCF helped me build back in 2007.

“The college years of our lives are short but so vital. Students are searching and it is important the right places are available to them. CCF was that for me. It was a safe place that pointed me in the direction of eternal matters and the purpose I was out to find. CCF desires more than anything to see students find the light of Christ and pursue His glory. With our financial and prayer support, we can continue those efforts that ultimately last through a lifetime and into eternity. I couldn’t think of a better investment!”

Tyler and Elyse Reese

“We chose to start supporting CCF because we felt like it was important to give back to a ministry God had used in our lives during our college years. College is a time when your faith is challenged and stretched as you make decisions about your future, who you will surround yourself with, and how you will choose to live. CCF provided us with a circle of Christian friends that encouraged us in our walks with Christ. CCF also provided a safe place to grow and learn spiritually through weekly meetings, small groups, and fellowship with other believers. We are thankful for the influence that Jim, Marianna, and other student leaders had on our lives as they led the ministry. As we have grown spiritually, we have learned about the responsibility to steward our financial resources that God has entrusted us with. Looking back, we see how blessed our lives were through being a part of CCF and feel like God has called us to use our resources to advance the work God is doing on the ASU campus.”

Kris Hartley

“Julie and I began supporting CCF right out of college. Even before we were married, we supported CCF individually. It was never even a question for us. We both saw what the Lord was doing through CCF for the Appalachian State campus and we wanted to be a part of that.

“Through our time with CCF, we learned what becoming a follower of Jesus really meant. We saw how staff and leaders challenged their students to have a deeper relationship with the Lord, one that was BOLD and stood out. I was specifically challenged, and it took some time but eventually I surrendered my ENTIRE life to God. CCF also prepared us for life after college. It taught us that we needed to find a church that was centered around the Word and whose leaders weren’t afraid to speak boldly in Christ’s name. The Lord taught us, through CCF, to become servants.

“For those reasons Julie and I wanted to do as much as we could financially to help CCF spread the Gospel to the students of Appalachian State University. We want other students to experience what true growth in Christ is all about. And we wanted to be a part of furthering God’s kingdom through CCF. For us, this investment is something God is calling us to make.”